The Call of the Wild

"Running free in the open, the unpacked earth underfoot, the wide sky overhead." Jack London


I love the arctic, I might even get that printed on a t-shirt. Everything about it draws you in, impossibly and inevitably. Life here is precious and stunning, everything has meaning and purpose. The cold is thrilling, the wind is a challenge, the silence is deafening, your eyebrows freeze, your throat is numb, and frostbite is always around the corner - suddenly you feel alive. To me this in itself is a reward, but when you reach a hilltop you witness perfection. The dogs are just as relieved as you are, and the barking exaggerates the feeling of remoteness, of belonging and not belonging!

At night you look up in awe to the most incredible skies you will ever see, and if you are lucky enough to witness it: the Northern Lights.

Survival here is difficult, Nature’s forces are stronger than you and it is deeply humbling - which I feel is the way it should be. Temperatures can become so cold that mundane tasks becomes seriously difficult, and possibly dangerous. But to me this also means you’re completely Free; in a world filled with screens and technology we’re surrounded by countless distractions... It feels absolutely brilliant to return to something so simple, so true, what I’m living here feels right and beautiful - this is utopic.


I’ll never forget these adventures, and a part of me belongs here - I’ll go back as often as I can to live them again, and again, and again!

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