Located in the beautiful Tordillo Mountain Range, northwest of Anchorage, AK our base camp has been our home for 12 cold nights and 13 of the most amazing days of our lives. Thirteen days of hiking incredible lines and living a simple, but rewarding camp life together with the True Color film crew.

On the way to Anchorage, rumours came up, that the temperatures would bottom out at -30° Celsius at least for the first couple of nights...

Having to hike all lines and splitboarding to the spots for sure helped to get some warmth back into the bones.

David Bertschinger Karg, down with a good book on one of the few down days... good thing to have a proper down sleeping bag :)

Alvaro Vogel, outrunning the slough...

Cards night. No alcohol, but lots of candy (from the lunch packs) at stake!

Nothing compares to leaving first tracks in AK. Especially if they were all hiked.

Moon station? The huge Heimplanet Dome almost looked like it. We used it as 'media tent', so even from the inside it looked like a spaceship...

Freezing cold, but sooo stoked! For sure the most intense trip of my life. What's next? Well, maybe take a dogsleigh far up north? :) Thanks heaps, Heimplanet, GoalZero, Burton Snowboards, Nike Boots and Supernatural Clothing for the support!

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