Timo Weiland

My name is Timo Weiland.

On the flip side, I am very much a city-dweller and am obsessed with many indoor activities as well: all forms of art, film, literature, and music. In life, I value family (all interpretations of the word), friendship, creativity, and authenticity.

I was born in Omaha, raised between Florida and New York. I enjoy anything and everything outdoors: surfing, sailing, and almost all sports.

We as a brand are informed and influenced by

On ongoing narrative: the quirky cool life of a New York City guy and girl. The brand and everything we design is in some way an extension of our combined personalities. We are deeply influenced by our creative group of friends here in NYC.

music, film, and art of decades past. Timo Weiland is classic with a modern twist. History plays an integral part in culture and our everyday lives because it provides reference points ranging from obscure to iconic.

New York City is

If you are on the fence, just GO FOR IT. I am infinitely thankful that I decided to and at the end of the day, bumps in the road (there have been many) and mistakes (that too) are the best learning experiences in life.

our home and primary source of inspiration. This city is beyond dynamic with an energy that is incomparable to another place on Earth. I embarked on this journey that has brought me unimaginable levels of personal satisfaction and ongoing passion.


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