Transmutation by Hydro74.

An old alchemist from ancient times set out to travel the seven seas and the seven continents in order to find the Elixir of Life.

Immediately after his adventure began, he came across the injured Ancient Serpent who offered him a solution. She was weak and unable to travel to Shangri-La. She needed to get there in order to fully heal and proposed the Alchemist a deal. He would carry her to Shangri-La and in return she would give him the Elixir of Life made from the waters of the river Styx.

The alchemist feeling grateful, agreed and set out to find this hidden land. They traveled many lands and fought many battles together. Little by little, they reached the magical land where the Serpent completely healed. She gave the alchemist the cure but not before biting him and injecting pure evil into his heart.

The Ancient Serpent gave the alchemist unnatural strength, dark powers and he loved it. Disguised as a crown, the Evil Serpent travels the world spreading terror through the hands of the alchemist. They are know as the King Abbadon.

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