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Marbling Kit: www.forthemakers.com/shop/products/247 Sauce pot 2x Baking dish Cups Measuring spoons Water

Tools & Materials

Apply alum solution to paper. Let dry.

Make liquid cornstarch

Mix acrylic paint with equal parts water

Fill one dish with water

...and one with liquid cornstarch. Take the dropper and place drops of paint lightly on top of the cornstarch.

Layer paint colors

Give the dish a gentle swirl

Use a toothpick to make patterns and swirls

Lay the paper on top, alum side down

Lift gently

Rinse in water bath

Lay flat to dry

Pattern possibilities!

Get the full tutorial: www.forthemakers.com Watch the video! http://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=B55MboDvDKc @forthemakers // #forthemakers

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