Ice Cream Terrine

coconut & raspberry

:: how to make an ::


unwrap & break apart, then choose your add-in (I used raspberries)


line the pan


press it all into the pan, then chill


2 - 4 hrs later . . . voila!

. . . small note: avoid slicing with a serrated knife-it leaves ridges! Full recipe here:

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  • karen

    This looks yummy! What are the popsicles?

  • BakersRoyale

    @karen Thank you! Those are Fruttare Fruit Bars, but any popsicle of your choice will work. I used strawberry and coconut, then threw in LOTS of raspberries.

  • sunnyslope

    This is a fantastic idea thank you so much for sharing ❤️

  • carolina_ferrer

    Great idea!!!

  • ashamor

    So simple and beautiful! Can't wait to try this.