A painterly Tutorial

This is a painting from an ordinary photograph taken with my iPhone 5

I moved the image into Snapseed and added the HDRScape filter. I then toned the image bringing up the ambiance, contrast, saturation and warmth.

Using the toned image, I opened the image in ToonPaint, decreasing the shading a bit.

I take the Image tuned in Snapseed, and open it in CleverPainter. I start with brush style #7, painting in large strokes. Then with a smaller brush, I start to add detail to some areas, such as the bridge, and boats being careful not to paint over some of the larger paint strokes.

In the app Superimpose, I bring in the painterly version as the background, and add the pencil sketch version as the foreground. I reduce the transparency on the pencil layer, then determine which blending mode works best. For this example I chose Multiply.

Lastly, I bring the image into PhotoToaster, and determine that I like Realtor preset. I removed the border and then added a canvas texture.

There you have it! Enjoy!

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