A Grand Attempt

On Friday we decided to go to Jackson Wyoming and climb The Grand Teton. We fueled up, packed up, and hit the road.

Upon arriving in Jackson we had high hopes and tennis shoes.

The weather looked dicey but after a quick gear check and a bit of local beta we decided we would go for it. We repacked our gear adding our ropes and harnesses as well as winter clothes.

3 a.m. came quick. We drove to Grand Teton National Park and began the ascent. Darkness and fog our only company.

As the sun rose so did we. Climbing higher and higher above the valley floor.

Just below the lower saddle, the day changed. The pleasant wind became a stinging force. The fog became a menacing cloud and snow began to not only fall but accumulate. We took refuge under a rock. Guarded from the wind and snow we discussed our options.

The technical nature of The Grand Teton and the ice covered terrain forced us to abandon the summit and turn back.

After some gripping down climbing we reached the safety of the meadow. Below the storm it was an entirely different world.

Though we missed the summit it was a great day of adventure. Once back at the truck we began planning our next Grand Attempt.

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