My macro collection of ladybugs

Larvae Stage: are usually elongated, ''alligator'' shaped, slightly pointed at the rear, and their body is covered in tiny bristles.


Pupae: are slightly round and dark colored. You can find them attached to a surface by their hind ends.

Adults: are sphere-shaped, smooth, and have easily recognizable colors and markings.

Coccinella septempunctata

The seven-spot ladybird, is the most common ladybird.

Harmonia Axyridis

Is a large coccinellid beetle. Its colour ranges from yellow-orange to black, and the number of spots between none and 22.

Chilocorus Stigma

Commonly known as the twice-stabbed lady beetle, is a native resident of the United States and Canada but does not live west of the Sierra Nevada.

Cycloneda sanguinea

Is a ladybird beetle with red, unspotted elytra (wing covers). The color ranger from orange to deep red.

Hippodamia Convergens

Commonly know as the convergent lady beetle, is one of the most common lady beetles in North America and is found throughout the continent.

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