- P A R T T W O -

Day two of the bluegrass festival started with a beautiful sunrise and lots and lots of coffee. (Side note: our neighbors camped in a school bus!)

While the boys made coffee...

...the girls cooked breakfast.

We had the pleasure of listening to our good friend Simon practice as we all ate together.

While Steve did some tricks.

After our yummy breakfast, we headed to the songwriter stage to listen to some music.

After Uncle Tim's set, a few of us wandered around the farm for a little bit.

Then it was to the main stage to catch Horseshoes and Hand Grenandes.

We headed back to camp to play some games (namely mind meld), eat dinner, and have a few cocktails before gearing up for the night's activities. Another fun day camping on bluegrass!

Moments to Remember

Band: Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Meal: Sweet Potato Burritos Drink: THE CHANGE Phrase: Girls love _________. Game: Mind Meld

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