{ I S S U E Ø P R E V I E W }

By Lauren Wilkins

We had mutual friends, and I knew Josh was in a band. He used to invite me to shows and put me on the list. Basically, he wanted to get me out of the store so he could ask me out, which was good, because it creeped me out to be hit on in the store. Somehow I ended up playing it really cool and hard to get, but it was completely on accident, because I don’t play anything cool.

Our friends would tell us these crazy stories about Terlingua, Texas, like the one about a local woman who was the lover of Pablo Acosta, a Mexican drug lord who was on the run from the US government. They say she was one of the last people to see him alive in 1987 before he died in a helicopter raid, brandishing an assault rifle in one hand and clutching a pistol in the other.

All the locals hang out at the Starlight Theatre, and we figured: Someone’s gotta be a minister. We’re having a beer at the bar, and it turns out the bartender was ordained.

Friday rolls around, we were hanging out, and we were like: Okay, time to get married! We hiked up the hill to the chapel. Jeff, the bartender, had brought out his special sport coat and had decorated the entryway of the church.

We said our vows, and afterward we had tequila shots at the Starlight with the locals, because they had all heard there was a wedding going on.

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