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First, you need to make yourself a GATHER: A large pot A ceramic bowl A brick or flat stone A metal bowl or rounded pot cover Water Ice


Place bowl on top of flat stone


Place in pot.


Sprinkle fresh and most importantly, unsprayed rose flowers around the stone or brick at the bottom of the pot. Use enough flowers to reach the top of the stone, then cover with water.


Put 2 or so trays of ice into a metal bowl or inverted rounded pot lid and place on top of pot. Heat on low for about 20 minutes or until most of the water is in the bowl. The magic happens as the rose infused water heats and begins to evaporate, it will rise and hit the cool lid above. As the condensation clusters, it will fall to the bowl below giving you lovely rose water.


Rose water can be used for both culinary and cosmetic uses. Store in the refrigerator and smell often. It will make you happy.


We are a husband and wife living simply in the city, dreaming of the country. We are artists + makers. Together we handcraft honey sweetened chocolate and mallows. For more on us, or our two cats + four chickens, visit Instagram/apothekerskitchen

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  • apothekers

    Thanks so much @jaywilder!

  • anastasia1

    So beautiful 👍

  • MdrnCountryLady

    So lovely !!

  • onahazymorning

    I love this! Can this method be used for other flowers and herbs as well? Like rosemary or lavender?

  • apothekers

    Hey @onahazymorning! I'm sure you could use this method for anything really- lavender water sounds lovely! Usually, stills are used with herbs to make essential oils. With a homemade still like this, you would need a second process to separate the oils from the water. I've never tried doing that this way, so I'm not super sure how well it would work. I recommend playing with it though, you'll probably make something great! :)


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