How to create:

GlamRock Hair

I started with clean hair, but day two hair is even better. I used three products: Thermal spray Dry shampoo spray Sea salt spray My favorite brands are Colorproof, Moroccan oil, KMS, and Kevin Murphy (for the sea salt). I used my large HotTools wand, I believe it is 1.5 inches.

Separate and clip the hair above the ears. Spray the remaining hair with thermal spray, and grab a 1-1.5 inch wide section to wrap around the barrel. Leave 2-4 inches of the end away from the barrel.

Continue to curl the entire nape section


Release half of the clipped up hair and spray with thermal spray

Continue curling till you've reach the top!

You don't want the curls to be too bouncy so sometimes I pull them a little bit when I release them from the wand

Once you've finished curling, spray everything with the dry shampoo, especially at the roots and in between layers. This will create volume and texture.

Finish the look by spraying the sea salt spray into your hands, and then scrunching it into your hair.


Glam rock hair