H O M E L E S S C H I C A G O short stories


"I come from Louisiana. Down there my girlfriend had a boyfriend who tried to shoot me with a shot gun. He missed. I hunted him down for about three weeks and never found him. I figured I should get out of town and I have a sister in Chicago so here I am. All I have are my cigarettes and a small television I keep in storage. And a gun. A big gun."


"I had to get out of Michigan. Everyone around me was on drugs. It was difficult to not partake when it felt like the norm. I sleep in the park down the street. I wake up many times during the night to keep myself safe. A good friend of mine was murdered there about 8 months ago. Waking periodically gives me some type of peace."

Jacob and Katie

After losing their jobs and leaving difficult times at home, Pat and Molly have back packed through 45 states and are currently residing on the streets of Chicago before heading to Montreal. _______________________ "We hop aboard moving freight trains and jump off when they slow down. We used to have no idea where we were going. Over the years we have learned the routes, memorizing both the train cars and their destinations."


" I choose to live and sleep on the trains because the conditions of the homeless shelters in Chicago are terrible. The sheets are hardly ever washed and are ridden with bed bugs. I was offered private housing back in April, on my birthday in fact. I turned it down because the complex was filled with drug users and I didn't want to go back to that dark period in my life. If living on the streets is what it takes to stay clean; it is what it is. I have been drug free for over 25 years." __________________ Daniel has never asked me for money. He asks only for food and accepts almost anything except peanuts. They hurt his teeth.

more to come...



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  • superdanger

    amazing story and imagery. great job. is this part of a larger body of work you have?

  • evanhuntphoto

    Thanks @superdanger ! This is all I have so far but I will be continuing it. Many of these individuals tell great stories but do not want them shared.

  • karen

    How do you usually start the dialog with these people? I think it's so important to humanize homelessness. Well done.

  • Mystical_

    These stories are so inspiring; they show truth in its pure state.

  • evanhuntphoto

    Thank you @Karen ! I think it's important to be genuinely interested in them as humans from the start, so I begin a conversation with them just like I would anyone else. My grandpa was great at talking to strangers and I think I acquired some of that skill. Most importantly, I never ask if they are homeless or really any questions directly related to that. I really just ask them what they have been up to lately and how their summer has been so far. 😀

  • Mystical_

    @evanhuntphoto :)! Masterpiece indeed

  • briancardinal_

    These are killer! Love the stories that go with them.

  • TexasAngel

    Love this!!! Such a moving experience, tugs on my heart strings.

  • adventurer

    Touching story.

  • Liesl

    Humbling. Nicely done.

  • tvylorclvrkk


  • mombo

    Thnx for sharing .... This is really important work.

  • beautyfoundorg

    Wonderful stories! I have learned so much from conversations with homeless people throughout the years. It is beautiful to take a closer look.

  • josypete

    Great job!!


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