Adventures in Southern


Southern Utah is arguably one of the most beautiful places on Earth. One of those places that goes on the "must-see-before-I-die" list.

It's a place of vibrant colors, flash floods, ranch land. In-N-Out. The kind of place where you can roll into town on Thursday night and be just in time for the barrel racing event at the county rodeo.

How can you deny it? Especially when you wake to sunrises like this.

That kind of sunrise says: "Get up. Jump up. Brush your wilderness-hungry teefers, grab your backpack, and Get Moving." Because right down the road is...


Zion - a place of prehistoric beauty and mind-bending size. In some places, water sheets down walls, forming "hanging gardens" of rainforest-like plants.

Towering red cliffs remind you of your minute size. (Note the white tram in the lower left corner, for size comparison.)

It's the kind of place where you come away with blistered feet and a camera-full of sky, and wonder: "Will I ever tire of taking pictures of the clouds?"

Probably not.

Definitely not.

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