Adoption Story

Daisy was abandoned on the streets of Bellflower at the age of 2 months, and was found by an animal control officer.

The shelter scheduled to euthanize her, but was luckily pulled out by A Home 4Ever Rescue just in time.

Several months later, I found Daisy on Petfinder. At that moment, I knew that she had to come home with me.

Daisy quickly became my best friend...

Joshua Tree

Our family...

...and my little hero.

  • brajohn1

    So sweet

  • underbiteunite

    @brajohn1 Aww thank you very much! xoxo

  • cheryltarrant


  • TheLilCharmkin

    Daisy is quite the fashion plate! What a sweet little fur baby.

  • celestial


  • Lancedwards


  • itsshaay

    She's inspirational!

  • saragillespie

    What an amazing story! She is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your story and hers :)

  • donatelladalex

    This story so full with humanity...

  • heidihoweth

    I photograph dogs at our local shelter. It is the highlight of my week and my favorite dogs to photograph are the ones who are long term. This story reminds me of a fabulous dog who had been passed over again and again. I took a picture of his exaggerated and oh so lovely smiley underbite and he was adopted the next day! Thank you for seeing and sharing the beauty in her. You are both inspiring.

  • alrnu

    Daisy gives me hope💕

  • wisdomtucker

    God bless you for bringing her to her rightful home. She is precious and I love her!

  • Puppiesrule

    She is beautiful and so so so lucky to have someone as loving as you bring her into your life and forvever love her 😇 im so happy for u and her and it fills me with joy to see people do good in the world @underbiteunite

  • Puppiesrule

    So touching and truly heartwarming

  • classichound

    Amazing story!