A Craft Story

This is the story of four boring trays. I've had them stored away because the cranberry-red just wasn't appealing anymore.

This is a book of wallpaper samples that I had lingering around collecting dust

Love animal print

Time to explore - Using this print will make the tray more exciting


Florals will soften the look of the tray

Choose a spray paint to match the color of your wallpaper selection

Tray #1

New look

Guest Welcome Tray

The old tray has a new look

Really love displaying the new tray

Tray #2 Coffee table

The new tray adds color to the table and is perfect to group the collection


Tray #3

Perfect desk organizer


Tray #4

chic server

The Midas Touch

It's amazing what you can create by using your imagination along with items you have around the house


Designed by Jamala

No more hiding in the closet

"Tres Chic"

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