FLOWER POWER Pit bulls of the Revolution

1,000,000 pit bulls are euthanized each year in America

They are victims of prejudice.

An entire group judged from the actions of a few bad elements.

Flower Power is a series dedicated to the many good, sweet, harmless pit bulls.

An invitation to look at them with an open heart.

All the models are rescues available for adoption in New York City.

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  • lostinthefound

    Couldn't agree more! I have a pit bull I rescued from the side of the road...he is the sweetest thing.

  • skywriter11

    Thank you for this series. Rescued pit bulls are the sweetest, most loyal dogs in the world.

  • leticiamarisol

    This is so beautiful! Thank you

  • georgiestclair

    Fabulous project!

  • lewish

    Absolutely fabulous!