Flour, Water, Salt

A visual love letter to the sourdough loaf

In the back of my fridge hides a jar. This jar contains my precious sourdough starter. Inherited, nurtured and cared for he (yes, he has a name) is the magic that makes my loaves. Add three simple ingredients and plenty of time and you have a loaf of fresh, nutritious real bread. A meal in itself a slice of this can fill the stomach and sooth frayed tempers. Meet Mr Bubbles.....

Fed and left to ferment for 8 hours we are ready to bake. Just add....

Numerous cups of tea and a few folds later and the dough is ready for shaping.

A few hours and pots of tea later, time for the oven.

Almost 24 hours in the making, not a flour improver or unpleasant additive insight Mr Bubbles has done his work.



Photography, styling and baking Victoria Harley Twitter and Instagram: VictoriaHPhoto www.split-pin.co.uk

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  • btone88

    This is wonderful! I just began my own starter a week ago (not even ready to live in the fridge yet) and I'm so excited for him to be ready for baking! His name is Precious (as in what Gollum calls the One Ring in LOTR). Any tips for taking care of him and baking with him? Thanks again for the story!

  • byfrlsonntag

    love your bread story. i also got my own starter currentl "neutral" as i still have to come up with a name 😉

  • ninapof

    Wonderful story!

  • abba_sababa

    Looks delicious! Can you share the recipe?

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