How To Make Lavender Infused Olive Oil

Making lavender oil takes several weeks. It's a process that will test your endurance. But it's totallly Worth it.

You'll need...

Enough lavender to fill a jar Olive oil Glass jar with lid Cheese cloth Glass bottle Funnel

Dry the lavender


1. Pick lavender and save 18 cm(7 inches) of the stems. 2. Make bouquets and tie with a rubber band and tie a ribbon on top. 3. Hang them in direct sunlight for 2 weeks.

Make the oil


1. Fill a glass jar with lavender flowers. 2. Cover with olive oil. 3. Let sit in direct sunlight for 3-6 weeks. 4. Pour the oil through a cheesecloth into a bowl. 5. Now Pour the clear oil through the funnel in to a glass bottle.

Wait 3-6 weeks

And now you have Lavender Infused Olive Oil!

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