Making hot chocolate the Colombian way

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The perfect cup of hot chocolate? Look no further than South America...

First you need some basic equipment ~ a metal jug, known as 'la jarra', and a wooden whisk, 'el molinillo'

Begin by adding your chocolate of choice to the jarra. In Colombia there are various types - a special block chocolate is common, but powder is also used

Next, measure out the milk and pour it in. Use fuller fat for a creamy, rich taste

Hot chocolate is like a hug from the inside...

Now for the fun bit! Turn on the heat, grab the molinillo between your hands and twizzle it backwards and forwards. As the chocolate begins to melt into the warming milk this action helps to add air and gives you a lovely frothy texture

When the liquid starts to bubbly lightly, turn off the heat and you're almost done... Get your mug ready!

Find a cosy place, your favourite person to cuddle and perhaps something nice to read, settle down and enjoy!! Mmmm...

To be truly authentic, try dropping some small cubes of cheese into your mug


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