This is Vivian Maier + my all time favourite photographer

Nobody knew anything personal about Vivian, she was a nanny for various families, but no one knew who she was. She kept one big secret, that she was an amazing creative with the best eye for a photograph ever.

She took over 200,000 photos of everything she saw throughout her days, yet for someone so closed she seemed quite open to take her self portrait, little snippets of herself. I owe a lot to vivian and she has given me so many ideas and inspired me.

#selfportrait #creative #streets #blackandwhite #stellerreflection

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  • Jambi

    Awesome, truly.

  • thestyleline

    Beautiful story, as always!

  • person


  • jordanfoy

    wow thankyou very much, awesome to get such nice feedback :) @Jambi @thestyleline @person @jmielm @elisapella ! These set of photos kept me awake for a very long time before I did them!

  • photistry

    Thanks for sharing the story behind the images (which were intriguing in and of themselves).

  • josypete

    Fantastic!!! You are so consistently spot on! Love following your work!!

  • jordanfoy

    @josypete wow thankyou for such kind words :) really means a lot

  • JoeMacCreative

    I can't resist a mysterious woman with an amazing eye for creativity. Beautiful!

  • jordanfoy

    @JoeMacCreative she is amazing!!

  • JoeMacCreative

    @jordanfoy you're amazingly quick at responding haha!

  • jordanfoy

    haha!!! @JoeMacCreative speedy Gonzales!

  • TheLilCharmkin

    Ooooh! She's one of my favorites too! You've must have seen the documentary "Finding Vivian Maier"?

  • jordanfoy

    @TheLilCharmkin I sure have it's awesome!

  • TheLilCharmkin

    @jordanfoy Agreed! A complex, talented & fascinating woman - the film was so engaging.

  • Frencina

    What a great shots!

  • jordanfoy

    @Frencina thankyou :):) it was fun to do, might of looked weird in the high streets though!!!

  • Annie_Lafille

    I love Vivian, she is an inspiration!! And I love what you did

  • jordanfoy

    @Annie_Lafille hey thankyou :) she is so so cool!

  • gawk

    Is that a Leica in the second to last shot?

  • JocelynJ

    Love this! Just saw an article about some new negatives found of hers

  • jordanfoy

    @JocelynJ awesome isn't she!

  • JocelynJ

    She is! Just discovered her actually and was mesmerized!!

  • jordanfoy

    @JocelynJ that's exactly how I felt! Also very inspired!

  • JocelynJ

    Nice 👍

  • vincelsl

    This is really good story! Love it.

  • skyesnyder

    Lovely homage to Vivian Maier. I believe her spirit found it's way into your portraits.

  • thebluestsky

    This is amazing!! You're really good with photograph☺️

  • COBoyd

    @jordanfoy I have a proposal to make. I know this sounds crazy and pointless, but as you know you are one of the most followed and liked people in the steller community. Me on the other hand, have few followers, but treasure each one. If you are interested in my idea please respond. Here it is,: I screenshot your story, crop out some bits, make it into the exact story but under MY name. I want to see (as an experiment, not to steal your work) if I can get as many likes, and if you have to be( I'moitofspace)

  • COBoyd

    Established as an author to achieve great feats.....

  • jordanfoy

    @COBoyd see maybe the way you need to approach this is give the story a go yourself, you will appreciate it for yourself, remember making content is all about you enjoying making content, others will pick up on that, I just enjoy making content and that comes across :) also remember if one person likes it, and that person is a friend, then that means more than 1000 likes :)

  • And29


  • jordanfoy

    @And29 Thank you very much, I hope it inspired!

  • coppernotes

    Love this one Jordan. Haven't seen it before 👌🏻

  • aconica

    I remember when they first started discovering her images. Such an amazing story.


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