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This morning...

I ventured to the market in Chattanooga, TN. It was crowded, bustling, suffocating. My bags & the humidity weighed heavy. Storms brewed, indifferent in the distance. I prefer the quiet of weekday markets. But nothing, not even crowds & thick, hot air, could keep me from the late summer sunset of produce.

Here are the gems I found to share at my table.

And some recipe ideas to inspire your own late summer gatherings

o c t o b e r b e a n s

soak over night. cook tender with leek & thyme & bay leaf, 25 min. sauté in good butter with shallot, splash of sherry vinegar & a whisper of honey. remove from heat, toss with fresh mint & thyme, flaky sea salt. great as a side, with ricotta on tartines, or on a salad with arugula, pecorino & peaches.

a s i a n p e a r s

for galette. make your favorite pastry crust. toast a handful or two of hazlenuts with warm spices. slice 4-5 pears & toss to coat with lemon juice. toss in 3 T fresh rosemary, pinch kosher salt, the nuts, and local honey to taste. fill crust and bake golden at 425 F. top with lightly whipped fresh cream & a drizzle of honey.

s w e e t c o r n

succotash. fry up a bit of country ham or bacon. set aside & crumble. add butter if needed otherwise sweat a chopped shallot & garlic clove in the fat. add corn, cooked fresh lima beans, chopped heirloom tomato. season to taste. sauté until tender. remove from heat. stir in a dollop of creme fraiche & a fistful of fresh herbs like parsley, basil, and mint.

w h i t e g r a p e s

champagne sorbet. 2 cup grape purée. 1 cup champagne. 1 1/2 cup water. 1/2 cup sugar. pinch cardamom. mix all to dissolve sugar. freeze in an ice cream maker or simply freeze until firm if you don't have one. garnish with frozen grapes.

o ' h e n r y p e a c h e s

for cobbler. make a sweet cream biscuit dough with thyme in it. slice peaches & toss with rosewater, lemon juice & zest, fresh grated nutmeg, brown & white sugar, and cornstarch. top with biscuit dough & bake golden. serve with homemade ice cream.

h e i r l o o m t o m a t o e s

there's nothing better than a tomato, swelling to burst and ripe, sliced and topped with the best salt & olive oil you have. a fistful of herbs and a nice cheese never hurt.

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