A London Photo Walk

London is the city I've called home for seven years now and I still keep finding new things, new reasons to love this city. Every now and then I have the urge to just wander the city and explore, with nothing but my camera in hand.


Every part of the city has it's own character, it's own unique appeal. For me one of the best things about Shoreditch is the independent coffee scene. All good photo walks begin with caffeine.

The Old

Shoreditch is very much a blend of the old and the new, and nowhere is that more obvious than on Brick Lane home to the oldest traditional Jewish bakeries in London

The New

One of the most prominent features of Shoreditch is the graffiti. While a lot of it is rubbish there are some real gems to be found. Each visit finds something new

And as all good photo walks start with coffee, so they also end with coffee - this time a flat white from Allpress.

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