Home Exploration

A collection of photos from the home of Toronto through my eyes.

I can say, with living here in Toronto my whole life, at one point, I really was embarrassed about where I lived.

You see, I was drawn to the idea of NY heavily as a kid growing up. From the people to culture, city and lifestyle. I would always compare my home town to NY and questioned why wasn't born there. Why couldn't Toronto be more like NY?

That was the question of my naive pre teen age. Around 16-17 I started to stop whining and just learned to accept what had been given to me.

When I began shooting photos of my city, I wanted to look at videos of Toronto just to get inspiration when I came across a video by a now friend Javin Lau. Javin made a cool time lapse video of Toronto's vast landscape of buildings and skyscrapers and from there I was in awe.

"Toronto is Home. Many people always say Toronto is an ugly city, whether it be dirty, too cold, too slow and inaccessible. Sure, even I've been there. I've called it those things and worse. Toronto is the world's Screwface Capital. The people of our city will only devote energy into something they believe is great; something that is unique to their city, something that we can call our own. Not only are we the worst at self deprecation, but even rivals tell us that we're not good enough; not culturally, physically or artisinally. I say we're just finding our own way." - Javin Lau

Throughout then. I've really started to appreciate Toronto. We are a Screw Face Capital and what I have is more than enough to satisfy me. I firmly believe YOU make the best of your day. If you say your day is going to be crap, then it will be. At the end of the day you decide your own fate.

I love Toronto. It's my home. It is a gold mine where you gotta keep digging to find what you want and the reward is great.

Everything happens for a reason.


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