Pickin' Crabs

This is a guide to Maryland-style crab pickin', as taught to me by Jamie Keffer, a true Marylander and great lover of crabs. To begin, acquire a dozen or four live blue grabs.

In a steam pot water, a few seconds’ pour of vinegar, and most of a can of Natty Boh in a large pot. In the steamer basket layer live crabs and a generous helping of Old Bay, mustard powder, mustard seed, red pepper, and salt

Once the water has been brought to a boil the crabs start the steaming process (lid on), and 15-20 minutes later, once the crabs are bright red, you’re ready to pick!

Step 1: Cover your table with newspaper and dump your crabs into the center. Mallets and butter knives will come in handy!

Step 2: Rip the claws off. Eat any meat that comes off with them.

Step 3: Locate the apron. This is the monument-shaped area on the underside of the crab. Pull the apron off by the tip. Discard. Pull the top of the shell off, from the top.

Step 4: Remove the organs. This is everything offcolored, squishy, etc in the middle of the crab. Next, remove the lungs (see where Jamie is pointing). Growing up, Jamie was told the lungs were called the devil. Number 1 rule of crab picking? DON’T EAT THE DEVIL.

Step 5: Break the crab in half! Use a knife to cut the half again. Enjoy! Eat the white meat, drink lots of beer!

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