The Maldives is the obvious choice for the holiday of a lifetime.

Unrivaled stunning white-sand beaches, remote islands and an amazing underwater world makes for an enticing location.

We scored fun waves everyday, Matt Smith (surf guide/surfer) promised us empty waves and he delivered, we found perfection on idyllic reef passes and had dinners in the the middle of the ocean without another light on the horizon.

Swells come and go, as do the tourists, boats, divers and surfers. The locals are a accommodating bunch, although keen to keep themselves to themselves, they observe with mild amusement. Outside influence is frowned upon and you’ve only been able to land on and mingle with the reserved and modest islanders in the last 10 years or so.

We landed, drank coffee and chewed betal nuts. Conversing with the locals the world cup was on but they wanted to talk about cricket. The outside world may view the country as a utopia but the locals seemed oblivious, in their own little worlds, for them it’s just home.

URCHINHOWL.COM (C) CHRIS McCLEAN 2014 Short film coming soon to EPICTV.COM #islandsinthestream

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