When a snow trip turns to surf

Back in 2012 I went to Norway with plans for a heli trip in mountains that had just legalized usage of helicopters. Our plans were set, we arrived, drove through the night to get to Stranda, and then it started raining.

It rained non stop for the first few days, giving us time to rest and get over jetlag and finally we couldn't sit anymore so we went to the local resort.

We arrived at the resort as the lifts were closing and got up for one run. Thankfully we did since these were my only snow photos from the trip. Above: Terje.

Terje off a lodge roof on our only snow run of the trip.

As the rain continued, then froze it turned the mountains to solid ice. With no new snow in the forecast, and now having really bad avalanche conditions, we decided to make the best of it and go for a road trip, to Surf in the cold Norwegian winter waters. I'm neither a surfer, or surf photographer but was excited either way.

Mads Jonsson

Shamus, our guide.

Terje, Stephan, and Shamus





And after a few days road tripping to two two surf spots and staying over at a surf camp, we were out. We headed back to Oslo with two snow shots, but some great memories. If you ever want to surf Norway check out Stadt Surf Camp.

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  • acleverly

    You guys are crazy for getting into that freezing water! ⛄️ but what a beautiful place. Great photos!

  • morganscibetta

    Currently living in Norway now.. planning a trip out to stadt to get some surf in! You got me stoked, thanks!

  • highonyouth

    Awesome! Stranda is my local mountain ✌️

  • tbyrnes

    This is a perfect #goexplore story!


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