It’s been nearly 30 years since I've seen my father. Sadly he never called me. He never wrote. He didn't walk me down the aisle when I was married. He wasn't there for the births of any of my children. He never met my husband. He never met my children except for a brief visit when my two oldest were babies. He's never seen or held his grandchildren & great grandchildren. He didn’t have a social media site where I could communicate with him. He probably didn’t realize how much I look like him, or know how much I act like him. I wonder if he knew how much I cherish the one book he gave me when I was a little girl? How I've read it so many times the ink has worn away from the pages. He didn’t really know me at all. Did he share the same distant foggy memories of trips downtown Chicago, with my small hand curled up in his while he showed me the sights? I always received a birthday card & Christmas card with some cash each year since he left, so I know he still remembered me. I was about ten years old when my parents divorced. I have so many regrets that we weren’t closer. You were so smart & adventurous & fantastically fun. I wish my children could have experienced a relationship with you. I remember you being such a wonderful father when I was young. I wish I had tried harder to be in your life. I wish I had told you how I felt and how much I love you. You’ve forever left an imprint on my heart. I’ll love you forever & always Dad.

D A D & M E

The book you gave me.

You shared Chicago with me. Watching the Cubs play.

Your apartment always smelled this way. I loved it.

Many afternoons wandering around the Elk's Memorial.

You exposed me to history, science, & many cultures.

You encouraged a love for art.

Took me to amazing restaurants.

Awakened my love for music.

Taught me to appreciate nature.

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