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If you like making things you have probably played with Legos at some point in your childhood. Did you know you can use Lego bricks to make molds for concrete?


• a piece of laminate board (a piece of an old shelf works well) • some Quikrete 5000 cement mix (available at Home Depot) • Lego bricks • hot glue gun

Build a Shape

Legos are great for creating 8bit style graphics. My sister Jessie and I decided to make a skull. Be creative but remember the more intricate the shape the more difficult it will be to remove the Lego bricks

Glue it Down

Use a hot glue gun to glue the Legos to the laminate board. Don’t worry the hot glue will peel off the Legos later.

Mix and Pour

Add water and mix the concrete thoroughly. Spoon it into the Lego mold and push it down into the cracks with a stick. You really want to push at all the air bubbles so really push it into every corner.

Remove the Mold

After about 48 hours you can start removing the Legos brick by brick. You can use other bricks to help pry them off.

Use Pliers on Tricky Ones

We used pliers to remove some of the bricks. Be careful doing this as pliers can scratch the bricks if you grip them too tight. Putting electrical tap on the plier tips helps protect the Legos.

Good luck and please email or tweet photos to @benuyeda or ------------