The Birth of a


This winter, a funny thing happened to me...

Something I still don't fully understand...

But I awoke a changed man...

..with abilities beyond my wildest dreams.

What were my limits?

Was I really the one in control?

Every time I thought I had it mastered...

...I'd inevitably be proven wrong.

Eventually Spring came, but I found my powers weren't limited to the snow. I practiced when no one was looking.

I kept practicing...

Always documenting my progress..

The world was at my fingertips.

I felt like I could paint the town red... yellow.. anything was possible.

I knew it was time to clean up the streets of New York.

I had grown strong enough to protect the people.

A hero had been born.

Now to deal with these pesky villains...

The End?

All animations were made without the aid of computer effects. They were made using only household materials on layers of glass and animated frame by frame over video or paper with an iPhone.

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