The land of ice and fire

Reykjavik's Rocket

Hallgrim's kirkja, an expressionist Lutheran church in Iceland's capital. If you're lucky you'll catch an impromptu choral acapella performance. Head up to the top for some stellar views of Reykjavik and it's surroundings!

Urban Art in Reykjavik

Þingvellir on the Golden Circle


Experience the sheer power.


Walk all the way round behind the falls for a stunning experience!


Man on the Groyne


Mars, anyone?

Try hiking on one of Iceland's many glaciers! Adventure companies organise a variety of hikes, climbs and skidoo trips for all ages and experiences.

Dramatic ever-changing landscapes


Watch the icebergs break off the glacier and slowly drift into the sea. Spot a seal or three if you're lucky!

Eldfell volcano

You'd kick yourself for missing the Blue Lagoon near Keflavík airport. Head there for the day before flying!

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