Demí Polenta Burger

Vegeterian finger food


Table of ingredients

Preparation 10 mins Cooking 20 mins

01-Take a brick of Polenta

02-slice it in three equals parts

03-use a glass to cut the Polenta burger. So easy.

04-chop one big red onion

05-fine chop two zucchini

06-chop some asparagus

Keep just the "heads"

07-chop some cheese with a strong taste

08-in a pot make the polenta crispy both sides with few drops of oil

Meantime cook the red onion with olive oil, a spoon of white wine and one of water. Add a pinch of sugar. ----------------------------------- Cook Zucchini with olive oil, thyme and a couple of spoons of water. ----------------------------------- Boil the asparagus heads in hot salted water with a leaf of cinnamon

10-Easily add the ingredients on Polenta burgers. Make one with zucchini and one with asparagus


Serve your Demí Burger

Add if you like salt and pepper on top

Final thoughts

This is a different way to prepare a Polenta base dish. If you follow exactly this method you'll impress your sweetheart. I used all bio ingredients, avoid powders or industrial food. If you can't buy fresh products try to find the best you can in your neighbor. Polenta is a meal from north Italy. Is made by cooking cornmeal with water and salt. Respect your food, ingredients and yourself. Eat less but better.




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