Spaghetti Carbonara

a Classic one


Table of ingredients

For 1 person

1 Chopped shallot 1 slice of smoked bacon 1 egg for person 100g of spaghetti for person Black pepper

1 - Chop down the bacon

2 - Keep just the red part of the egg

Cook spaghetti for 8-10 minutes in salt water. After drain it keep a couple of spoons of cooking water. This will keep the pasta less dry for the next steps

3 - Meantime cook bacon + shallot

4 - Parmesan! Ah where is my head!

5 - Add bacon to Spaghetti

6 - Add the egg

7 - Add a spoon of cooking water 8 - Mix everything on gentle fire until the egg dry a bit

8 - Add Parmesan and black pepper 9 - Mix again


Serve Spaghetti

Add on top Parmesan and black pepper

Final thoughts

This is the classic "Spaghetti alla Carbonara. There are few minor different ways to make it. If you follow exactly this method you'll impress your sweetheart. I used all bio ingredients, avoid powders or industrial food. If you can't buy fresh products try to find the best you can in your neighbor. Drink a glass of red wine with this meal and everything will be better. Respect your food, ingredients and yourself. Eat less but better.




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