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Some see a ghost, others a demon. This being is Death’s incarnate. As a living soul, he went by the name of Jim “Killer” Miller but now he’s known as the Ghostslinger. He’s been seen riding a black horse and carrying nothing but a six shooter. He never seems to be in a hurry and never is. Death has time. Plenty of it.

Some think they can cheat Death and claim to have many lives but Jim has a morbid sense of humor. He likes to play with them, he likes to give them the illusion of time and when he’s bored, he unleashes the fury of his revolver. The inert bodies move each time he fires. It’s like seeing a puppet show starring the puppet and the puppeteer. What a spectacle.

If you hear steps and the sound of spurs, he’s probably after you and there’s nothing that can be done. Run dammit, run, when he busts his gun he misses none.

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