Cabbage Tolma

Aperitivo Finger food with a violet sauce


Table of ingredints

For 1 person. Cooking time 20 minutes.

1 shallot 2 boiled cabbage leaves 1 julienne chopped zucchini 1 julienne chopped carrot Small part of chopped ginger

How to make the Violet sauce: 1 medium size boiled potato 1 small slice of beetroot 1 drop of Olive oil Salt With a Handblender melt together potato and beetroot. So easy.

Boil 50g. of rice in salt water Cook the vegetables in a pot with few drops of olive oil. Add few drops of fresh lemon juice and few orange zest

Mix together rice and vegetables

Fill 1 leaf with the rice and the vegetables

Wrap the cabbage leaves


Serve your Tolma

Add on top few orange zest

Final thoughts

This is a real simple recipe to create a nice and taste Aperitivo finger food. If you follow exactly this method you'll impress your sweetheart. I used all bio ingredients, avoid powders or industrial food. If you can't buy fresh products try to find the best you can in your neighbor. If you don't like cabbage try to use different kind of leafs. The original Tolma is an Armenian dish. Respect your food, ingredients and yourself. Eat less but better.


The Italian formula


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