Designed by Markus Manson

Typhon is one of the largest and most fearsome of all creatures. He is said to be the Father of all monsters. Son of Gaia and Tartarus and husband of Echidna (mother of all monsters).

His human upper half reached as high as the stars while his bottom half consisted of gigantic viper coils. His hands reached East and West. A hundred serpent heads that hissed and sounded like roaring hungry lions while from their eyes venom dripped replaced his hair. From his eyes fire flashed and from his mouth lava flowed.

Typhon was destroying cities and hurling mountains in a fit of rage. During his burst of outrage, the gods fled to their home of Mt. Olympus. However Zeus stood firm, and the battle raged, only ending when Typhon tore Mount Etna to hurl at the gods.

At that moment Zeus aimed thunderbolts towards Typhon causing the mountain to fall on top of Typhon, trapping him. To this day his rage causes lava to flow, fire to scorch, and smoke to billow from atop Mt. Etna. Typhon is believed to be the source of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and typhoons.


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