Chicken Bites Beer/GreenBean/Goji

A step by step formula


Table of ingredients

For 1 people. Cooking time 15 minutes.


• 1 glass of beer • 3 chopped green bean • 1 chopped shallot • Few capers • 1 chopped chicken meat • spices


• coarse salt and black pepper • Red pepper as you like • Thyme and cloves • Cinnamon


Cooking process

15 minutes


Put olive oil in the pot and have the shallot an capers cook together for 3 or 4 minutes


• Add chicken an green been • Let them cook for few minutes mixing before to add the beer


• Add the beer and all the spices • keep cooking adding more beer when need it • Let everything cook together mixing until the beer and spices becomes like a solid sauce.


• Chop few goji fruit and nuts • Add these on top and...


Serve the chicken

Final thoughts

This is a creative way to cook chicken bites with an Italian fusion touch. If you follow exactly this method you'll impress your sweetheart. I used all bio ingredients, avoid powders or industrial food. If you can't buy fresh products try to find the best you can in your neighbor. Drink a glass of cold beer or sparkling white whine with this meal. Respect your food, ingredients and yourself. Eat less but better.


The Italian formula


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