442 Squadron

In the world of Search and Rescue, they are the best around. If you're lost in British Columbia, you just might meet them.

Based in Comox, BC, a typical daily training mission might take the crew across Vancouver Island to Tofino where they run exercises.

37.4208° N, 122.2597° W

The FOD walk, looking for foreign objects and debris on the Tarmac.

The 44 year old Buffalo aircraft is a workhorse. I've seen these planes flying over BC my entire life.

The Cormorant helicopter. The fuel it carries weighs more than some helicopters I've flown in. She's big.

If you've spent a night in the wilderness this might be the best sight you've ever seen. Still, the rotor wash from those five blades can knock you over.

There's a lot of time looking out the big bubble windows.

See the entire story, in Lithographica. lithographica.arcteryx.com/issue-3#sartech Images: danopendygrasse.com - Thanks to the kind souls at the 442 Search and Rescue Squadron.

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