By Brian and Kevin Luong

After the fourth great flood there was chaos and a void full of darkness. There was nothing other than the sky, the sea and a few creatures who survived the flood. Quetzalcoatl and Kukulkan felt lonely and needed creatures to speak their names, to praise their glory and to nurture their greatness. One such creature that survived the great flood was the black panther who was strong and was a great swimmer.

The Serpent gods spotted the panther and decided to make something out of this beast. They turned into huge serpents and went into battle with the panther. This battle lasted many ages but Quetzalcoatl and Kukulkan finally overcame the Panther.

With their powerful fangs, they sliced the beast in half, throwing half upwards to create the sky and stars and leaving the other half to become the land of the earth. The panther remained alive, however, and demanded human blood. The beast is in such agonizing pain that its roars causes earthquakes and typhoons. In order to soothe its pain and to prevent disasters, the gods allowed it to devour the dead.

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