Three pomodori pasta

fresh tomato sauce step by step formula


Table of Ingredients

For 2 people


Find three different type tomatoes \\\ 2 shallots \\\ Few basil leaves \\\ 200g of Pasta


Cooking process



Cut the shallots


Take off tomatoes skin


Cut all tomatoes \\\ If you like, keep the skin on small tomatoes


Put olive oil and shallots in a pot. So easy.


Cook the shallots for one or two minutes. Don't let them burn!

I forgot. Put the pasta in the boiling salt water. Cook it between 8 and 12 minutes. Do that just before cooking tomatoes so you can save time.


Throw tomatoes in the pot. Just add a really small spoon of boiling water. \\\ Put the pasta in the boiling water. \\\ Secret Tip: add a really small pinch of white or brown sugar in the sauce.


Cover the tomatoes pot. Mix sometime. \\\ Squeeze tomatoes a bit with a fork or spoon \\\ Taste the pasta and control the cooking. Important: Always Pasta "al dente".


After 10/12 minutes the sauce is cooked \\\ Add salt if need it \\\ Add fresh basil


Drain the pasta and put it in the sauce pot. \\\ Mix and...


Serve the Pasta

Gently add basil again

Final thoughts

This is a recipe to make the Italian tomato sauce for pasta. If you follow exactly this method you'll impress your sweetheart. I used all bio ingredients, avoid powders or industrial food. If you can't buy fresh products try to find the best you can in your neighbor. Using three differents type of tomatoes will gives you a tastefull sauce. 100% guarantee. Respect your food, ingredients and yourself. Eat less but better.


The Italian formula


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