____ mini patron bottle placecard

// mini patron bottle place cards //

For a friend's birthday I decided to make some fun place cards inspired by Erica at These were easy to make, and plus I love anything with gold and tequila.

// you'll need //

• mini patron bottles • nail polish remover • gold spray paint • ziplock bag • painter's tape

// remove all stickers //

This is the most time consuming part. Use nail polish remover to remove any leftover residue.

// painter's tape //

Wrap painter's tape around the base of the bottle at a slight angle. Cover the top portion of the bottle in a ziplock bag.

// spray //

Spray multiple coats of paint onto the bottle. Allow to dry before removing the tape and bag.

// placecard //

Use a knife or small saw to cut a line across the top of the cork stopper. Insert a paper name card and your place card is finished!

// cheers! //

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