Coffee Harvest

A field journal from Burundi

All year long we wait to touch it. As skin and mind connect it suddenly becomes clear what all the fuss is about.



April - June


Combing through beans to find out how much of the crop is effected. It's not much, but we can do an even better job of lowering insect damage next year.

Teaching farmers the skill of coffee cherry selection. Perfectly ripe is on the right, everything else is under ripe.


Before coffee is weighed it goes into a tank, or in this case a barrel. Some of the damaged beans will float to the surface and underripe coffee cherries are also weeded out.



Coffee hits the scales

Once coffee is weighed and recorded, it begins its washing station journey. There are many coffee producing methods. Our washing stations are set up to do just that, wash the coffee. We also do a limited selection of honey and sun dried naturals alongside our washed coffees.

Long Miles Coffee Project is a family endeavor, growing and producing micro-lots of coffee in Burundi, East Africa.

Coffee holds so much potential. It has the ability to change a landscape and transform a people. Every day this transformation changes us as a family and sends us further along a road we never knew we would travel.

We build relationships with families of coffee growers, and grow our trees right alongside theirs.

We listen to their struggles and build platforms for change from what we hear. Implementing pathways to hope through excellently grown and cared for coffees.


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  • ichvn

    Ah! Love it! Come to indonesia and visit my coffee farmer and my coffee shop! ☺️☺️

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