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Bondi Beach, Australia

Longboard Breakfast

Words by Katrina Parker There is something wonderful about the ocean, especially in winter, particularly at Bondi Beach. Bondi Beach is one of Australia’s biggest tourist attractions and once you visit you will immediately know why – turquoise water, pure white sand, incredibly beautiful sunrises – and all within a relatively short drive to the city. Having the beach so close to the city is rather unique and unlike anywhere else in the world making it a pretty special place to live. The beautiful thing about Bondi is that it tends to have a very tight knit community feel, almost as if it was a small coastal town. Everyone knows someone. Typically on a wintery Saturday morning you may meet up at the local Farmer’s Market to sit on the grass, sip warm coffee, listen to live music and have a conversation over delicious handmade and often organic market stall food. On this particular wintery Saturday morning, however, we decided to do something a little different. We got up at the crack of dawn, went surfing together, watched the morning light spread, came in, gathered around in our wetsuits, and using a longboard as a table, devoured a warm bowl of delicious quinoa porridge smothered in fresh berries. Needless to say, the longboard breakfast is here to stay.


Collaborators Jessica Kenney http://eatingbeauty.org/ Katrina Parker http://www.katrina-parker.com/ Sarah Glover http://bondibikkies.com/ Luisa Brimble http://www.luisabrimble.com/

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