Whilst Hercules was battering Europe I slipped south to the Canaries, hooking up with Jose Maria Cabrera in Lanzarote. We spent a couple of days chasing shelter from the monster as it blew up.

We scored several waves on the east coast, a couple of days at Lanzarote’s jewel El Quemao and the ever present La Izquierda.

I find doors seem to open when traveling solo with a smile, the Canaries was no different. It’s has a reputation for locals heavier that it’s waves but I only felt friendly vibes, both in and out the water.

I saw a side to Lanzarote never expected, a beautifully stark windswept volcanic landscape. We had rain, sandstorms and got lost in pre-dawn fog. It’s a place that has embraced tourism but remains unique and rural at times. An aberrant paradise.

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