Driving from the rainiest to the sunniest spot in Washington

We travel every August from Brooklyn to the Pacific NW to spend time with family and explore the region we call our second home. In August 2013, we drove to the Olympic Peninsula, starting from the rainiest region in Washington State.


Leaving the rainforest with the rain beating down on us, the lush, mossy green landscape outside our car window turned to muted monochromatic hues of grays and weather stripped earth tones.


Skies were still gray by the time we got to La Push. By evening, a vicious storm rolled in and we played games by the fire inside our cabin listening to the surf and wind. When we awoke the next morning, the fog was thick and the air still heavy with moisture. We packed up and headed north.


We spotted breaks of sun on our drive to Lake Crescent. The clouds began to thin as we continued north. When we got out of the car to take in the view, we shed the layers of wool and fleece that kept us warm and we took in the sunlight, the first we felt against our skin in days.


Jenna Park is a designer, photographer and co-owner of the Brooklyn bake shop, Whimsy & Spice. Instagram.com/whimsyandspice Blog: sweetfineday.com

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  • janaroach

    I love this!! We camped out on Ruby Beach for our honeymoon, and my husband got a speeding ticket at Crescent Lake! Haha!!

  • janaroach

    @tifforelie - perfect place for our retreat!!!!

  • nataliegerette

    beautiful! 💞


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