Coron Island Palawan, Philippines


The Philippines has over 7,107 islands. Only about 2,000 of these islands are inhabited.

Welcome to


We will be visiting an island named Coron in Palawan.

Compared to Manila which probably has the highest population density in the world, Coron has a very small population.

Life is peaceful. Time is slow.

Greens as far as the eye can see. You won't find skyscrapers around here.

Truly an undiscovered


Hills and Mountains


It is such a beautiful place.

The Cross

We have to go up a mountain called "Mount Tapyas" to see the big cross and get a good view of the the nearby islands and the small town below. It is quite a walk going up, but it's worth it.

We ascend into a mountain to get a better view of the city. It is accessible via a stairway that goes all the way to the top. It takes at least 700 steps to get you there. Thick greenery all around as you traverse this path. Keep watch for snakes.


Tadpoles in the water left by


Finally we reach


The view from the mountain top. It is raining on the mountains over there, can you see it?

In some days the sky is covered with thick clouds, but unlike in the big cities, here you feel you want to get out of bed and explore.

Found a small shed where we can take a break and


The clouds are brushing over the mountain top.

Mountain side.

We met some friends during our descent. Local boys who know the place like the back of their hands.

They were very friendly. They said they come there to play and sometimes sell some water or energy drinks to people who get exhausted on their way to the top.

The boy selling water and cold drinks. He keeps the stuff inside his styrofoam bucket. Ice keeps them cold for several hours. I can't believe how little he was and how effortlessly fast he runs up and down the mountain with such weight on his back. He was always smiling and just talking to his friends about "kid" stuff. I asked to take a photo of him and he smiled.

We instantly became good friends with them. My brother and the other kids leading the way. We walk another 700 steps going down the mountain. It's fun and easy, if you walk and talk with new found friends.

We descend from the mountain and back to town.




Dinner Time at


Good times.

Salt Water


Morning has broken


Some locals live near


Their houses are on the water. They own small boats that they always take out to sea. They live with the sea and nature gives them what they need.

Beautiful clouds make every turn of your eyes see


Coron Island, Palawan.


Me and my brother spent the day exploring coves, caves, and snorkeling sites with the best corals and fishes. The sunken mystery of shipwrecks and inner lakes preserved by nature across time are all good and ready to be explored by freediving or scuba diving. All you need is time.

Even from the plane, you can already feel the rush of adventure.

Island hopping with an


Some islands nearby are uninhabited. If you got time, take a short dip or snorkel around and see another world underwater.

The air is fresh, the waters are clear ...

... But what could be down there?



A whole lot of them.

We arrive in another island with the outrigger boat. The waters are so clear and the weather is so good. Maybe it's time to take a break ...

My brother took a photo of me taking a dip. The corals are so great. There are thousands of them around this place. The fishes aren't even afraid of us we just swim around and check the place with our snorkels.

The islands are full of plants that most of the locals and natives use. It is rare but there was a child visiting the island with us who was stung by an average sized jellyfish and started a reaction on his skin. One of the locals got some leaves from a plant and mashed it up then wiped the juice over his skin. And he stopped crying after a minute or so.

Alas, all good things must come to an end ...

It's almost night time and we head back to civilization.

Thank you for staying with us in this journey.

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From The Philippines.

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    I saw Coron with its perfect beauty thru your lens and narrative! I must come home and put this in my bucket list to do. Thank you @mungkey! 😍

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    lovely storytelling

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    Great overview of Palawan Coron Island where I have just been. An amazing place

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