Years ago, I was backpacking across Western Europe. I was just
outside of Barcelona, hiking on the foothills of Mount Tibidabo
- Joey Tribbiani
About time then
Mt. Tibidabo
Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor
Designed by Spanish architect Enric Sagnier and
completed by his son Josep Sagnier, this Roman
Catholic church took 59 years to build.
Initially the plan was to build a hotel with a casino
here but after hearing that, a 'Board of Catholic
Knights' were encouraged to buy the land
and cede it to an Italian priest.

Imagine if that hadn't happened.
The building is a mixture of Romanesque and
Neo-Gothic styles with a tinge of Modernism.
The church, however, owes much of its attraction to
its privileged location on the summit of Mt. Tibidabo.
Oh, and there's an
park right
next to it.
Stick around for more from
Joey's magical story place.
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