There’s nothing as rewarding as a
trip around the world.
That’s my conclusion after a six
month long trip back in 2017/2018
that took me to lots of
unimaginable and wonderful places.
Though I was just 15 years old at the
time, I had to attend distance
school, but the experiences I’ve got
from this trip, I could’nt have gotten
elsewhere. You learn a lot about not
only yourself but your surrounding.
My trip began in Johannesburg,
South Africa. There I rented a jeep
that I was going to drive and live in
for a month. The planned route was
from Johannesburg to Botswana, to
Zimbabwe, to Botswana (again), to
Namibia and then end in Cape Town.
While on a small hike in Botswana, I
accidentaly ended up at a wedding.
I took photos of the people there
and they took photos with me. Why
did they take photos of me you
might ask. Well, let’s just say that it
was a REALLY long time since they
saw a tourist.
Matobo National Park
After spending just a short period of
time in Botswana knowing that I would
get back there in about a week, I visited
Zimbabwe. My favorite experience from
Zimbabwe was a rhino-tracking which is
a safari by foot in order to get as close as
possible to the animals. We got about
five meters apart from a pack of nine
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After spending time in Zimbabwe I got
back to Botswana which quickly became
my favorite country in the world. The
people were kind, the nature was
amazing and the wildlife outstanding.
The best place that I visited in Botswana
was Chobe National Park. I visited it on
Christmas and I saw so much wildlife
that I almost got tierd of it which I
thaught was impossible.
Chobe National Park
Next up was Namibia. Among all the
places I visited in the country, two of
them were really special. The Etosha
National Park and Sossusvlei. Namibia is
a very hot and vast place, it’s filled with
deserts meeting the ocean and
interesting wildlife.
Fish River Canyon
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Cape Point
Finally it was time to get back to South
Africa and visit Cape Town. This safari
that lasted for a month was the best part
of this half-a-year trip. It was unlike
every other experience and I really
recommend doing something like this to
everyone who has or gets the
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Ho Chi Minh City
Asia was a really different experience
compared to Africa. Here it was hotels,
streetfood, a different culture and huge
compact cities. My first stop was Ho Chi
Minh City, Vietnam. It was filled with
mopeds and I ate streetfood every day
there which was such a nice experience.
Angkor Wat
My next stop was Cambodia and the city
of Siem Riep. There I visited the huge
temples of Angkor. The temples were
interesting and there were so many! It
took two full days to see most of them.
From Siem Riep I also went on a small
day-trip to another temple and a
waterfall. There were lots of people
praying at the temple and after visiting
the temple I swam in the waterfall.
Byron Bay
From Thailand I then flew to Australia
where I rented a campervan to go on a
roadtrip along the east coast. My first
stop was Sydney and then the roadtrip
began and lasted for two weeks until I
ended up in the Gold Coast.
In Australia I also visited a kangaroo
sancuary on top of a hill. There were lots
of kangaroos and I got to feed them
sweet potatoes which they apparently
like a lot.
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While in Australia, I took a small plane
out to an island in the Great Barrier Reef
to dive and experience the marine life.
The island is called Lady Elliot Island
and there you can see manta rays, sharks
and turles among other marine life.
Lady Elliot Island
Shakespear Regional Park
Next up was New Zealand, a country
that I got to experience almost
everything of. A month of roadtripping
was perfect to experience everything
New Zealand had to offer. From sheep,
to movie sets, to whale watching,
mountains and the darkest nightskies.
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On the southern island I went on a
whale watching tour where I saw not
only whales but dolphins, orcas and
seals. It was a really cool experience and
something that I recommend doing
while visiting New Zealand.
Lake Tekapo is home to a beautiful
turquoise lake surrounded by snowy
mountains. It’s also a dark sky reserve
which means that at night, the sky is not
exposed to any light pollution.
Lake Tekapo
The last country that I visited on this trip
was the United States. I went to several
different states such as Hawaii, California,
Arizona, Utah, Nevada, New Jersey and New
York. On the west coast I went on a roadtrip
for about 10 days or so.
San Francisco
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Grand Canyon was one of my favorite
stops on the west american roadtrip. You
can’t really describe how great the view
is until you see it with your own eyes.
Grand Canyon National Park
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Another amazing place that I visited
during the roadtrip was Antelope
Canyon. The slot canyon shaped by
erosion was a magical and surreal place
to visit and I recommend it strongly,
especially at sunset.
Antelope Canyon
Yosemite National Park
Yosemite National Park was the last stop
on my roadtrip. It’s a great national park
with outstanding nature. My next stop
on this trip which also happend to be
the last stop was New York/New Jersey.
The last city that I visited on my trip
around the world was New York. During
my stay I lived in New Jersey and
traveled to New York during the day. I
decided to take a helicopter tour with
FlyNyon over New York and that was
absolutly amazing.
New York

17 years old athlete from Sweden. Traveled the world back in 2018. Photography! 📩

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