8 June 2020
World Oceans Day
Apa kabar?
(How are you?)

Better late than never.
Yes it’s a little bit late to share about
“World Oceans Day”, but still I feel to have
an obligation to share & campaign about it,
here in Steller as one of
my participation to #protectourhome 🙏
World Oceans Day
It is an international day that
takes place annually on 8 June.

The concept was originally proposed
in 1992 by Canada's International
Centre for Ocean Development (ICOD)
and the Ocean Institute of Canada
(OIC) at the Earth Summit – UN
Conference on Environment and
Development (UNCED) in Rio de
Janeiro, Brazil.

World Oceans Day was officially
recognised by the United Nations in
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the ocean covers more than 70 percent
Btw do you know that

the surface of our planet?

And about 97 percent
of the Earth's water can be found
in our ocean.
Kei Kecil
Together We Can
For 2020 World Oceans Day is uniting
conservation action to grow
the global movement calling
on world leaders
to protect 30% of our blue planet
by 2030.
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This critical need is called
Leading scientists worldwide have determined
that we need to protect at least 30% of our
blue planet by 2030.

By safeguarding at least 30% of our ocean
through a network of highly protected areas
we can help ensure a healthy home for all!
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World Oceans Day joins with
many organizations on this
important initiative.

Working together we can protect
our blue planet home for all!
By signing the petition you are telling
world leaders that you want action too!
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the Convention on Biodiversity COP15 Summit
in October 2020.
This year, there is an opportunity
to get governments worldwide to agree to
protect at least 30% of the planet's land and
ocean by 2030, and preserve intact ecosystems
and wilderness at
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So, do you want to
participate in this

If the answer is yes,
by click the link of


Or do you want to participate in other ways?

You can choose some of these initiatives:
Online events
(spread the words through social media)
Ocean inspirations
Film screenings & music
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Terima kasih

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